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Utgivelser Rediger

Plate-Credits Rediger

Besetning Rediger

Tracks Rediger

  1. (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree (Billy Gibbons) 2:32
  2. Brown Sugar (Billy Gibbons) 5:22
  3. Squank (Billy Gibbons / Bill Ham / Dusty Hill) 2:46
  4. Goin' Down To Mexico (Billy Gibbons / Bill Ham / Dusty Hill) 3:26
  5. Old Man (Billy Gibbons / Dusty Hill / Frank Beard) 3:23
  6. Neighbor, Neighbor ((Billy Gibbons) 2:18
  7. Certified Blues (Billy Gibbons / Bill Ham / Frank Beard) 3:25
  8. Bedroom Thang (Billy Gibbons) 4:37
  9. Just Got Back From Baby's (Billy Gibbons / Bill Ham) 4:07
  10. Backdoor Love Affair(Billy Gibbons / Bill Ham) 3:20

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